Flyer for Bobcat show on 02/29/2020 at Mirage Garage
Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at Mirage Garage

All Ages, $0

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HOLY CRAP! It's Jordan's birthday. They're turning 7! Or 28, depending on how you count.They're having a shindig at their house. Come over and hang and drink beer and celebrate the fact that Jordan only has a birthday once every 4 years!There will also be bands!

Bobcat is the ultimate emo punk homies, the first band to play with Meanderthals and ultra - thrashers.

Rat Paws was among the last bands to play with meanderthals, and contains former meanderthals members! Watch CQ play with brushes.

Hamhock is the best band in Washington. This will be their first set. And last, for a while, because members are moving to Montana soon! Ft. Jordan's Drum Persona (Turbo), Alex on bass and Magnus on guitar and vocals, they play down and dirty thrashing Ham Punk Shitgaze.

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