No Course To Follow

Debut Album

Our first real release, 8 tracks clocking in at about 28 minutes. Released digitally on Bandcamp, and also in a limited edition of 50 blue cassettes. You can also stream it on Spotify if you really have to.

We went down to Portland to record with Hutch Harris producing and Victor Nash engineering, at Destination:Universe. We love that studio, with resident cat Oogie (RIP 2020), walls full of sci-fi novels, and a herd of nutria.

Visit our bandcamp for some early demos and live recordings.

  • Released November 16, 2018
  • Dylan - Bass/Vox
  • Tyler - Guitar/Vox
  • Katie - Drums/Vox
  • Produced by Hutch Harris
  • Engineered by Victor Nash at Destination Universe
  • Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion
  • Watercolors by Jenni Salmi
  • Snacks & Management by Danielle Jennings
Wrapping up the No Course to Follow sessions

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Past Shows

Impossible Dream

Official Video

Directed by Ellen Callaghan

Our first official music video, for the lead track off our debut album, 'No Course to Follow'. Live footage from a performance at the Black Lodge in September 2018, plus some bits and pieces filmed in the practice space and backyard.

Signpost - Live

Live video from Victory Lounge

Filmed by Ellen Callaghan

Live performance of the song 'Signpost' from October 2019 at Victory Lounge. Our good friend Ellen filmed this. If you have any videos or photos of us performing, send them our way!

No Course to Follow - Cassette

Limited edition of 50 blue cassettes.

Self-released, duplicated by Swoon! Duplication

The only (so-far) physical version of our first album, on short-run cassette. Each copy inlcudes a download code. Tapes can be purchased at shows, or by mailorder on our Bandcamp.

Sputnik T-shirt

Silver metallic ink on charcoal grey

Based on a drawing by Mo Jennings

Super-comfortable, lightweight charcoal grey t-shirt with metallic silver ink. Remaining sizes are limited, available at shows, and for mailorder from our Bandcamp.

Nun Koozie

Navy ink on neon green foam

Based on a drawing by Mo Jennings

If you don't have a collection of beer zooies with band logos, are we even friends? Add this one to your stash today! Color scheme inspired by tennis balls. Available at shows, and for mailorder from our Bandcamp.

Button 4-pack

Classic 1" size

Based on artwork by Mo Jennings

This button pack includes the classic Bobcat nun design in 3-colors (share them with your crew!), plus a black and silver Sputnik design, to keep for yourself. All in the classic punk rock 1-inch size, suitable for all denim garments and instrument straps. Available at shows, and for mailorder from, where else, our Bandcamp.

Bobcat is a Band

We're just a bunch of dummies in Seattle making punk rock music in a basement.

Katie was in a 2-piece band with Ellen Callaghan called the Worst Idea. Tyler and Dylan were in a 5-piece band called A Province of Thay for several years. Tyler left that band. Katie asked Tyler's wife, Danielle, if she wanted to learn a few covers on guitar so they could play at an open mic night. She declined, but mentioned that Tyler was looking for people to play with again. He showed up with several mostly written songs, and they roped Dylan into playing bass and singing. This was no longer a casual open mic situation.

They needed to call themselves something, even just informally. Tyler was reading a collection of short stories by Rebecca Lee titled 'Bobcat and Other Stories', and they started using that amongst themselves, with the intention of coming up with a better name later.

It stuck.


Tyler Bobcat


Guitar, Vocals

Katie Bobcat


Drums, Vocals

Dylan Bobcat


Bass, Vocals

Latest Update:

Out of Hibernation

When we made this site, we weren't really planning on it only updating every six months. But we definitely went through a stretch of not having much to talk about for the first part of this year.

But we've hit the point where roughly 5 of 8 new songs are ready, 1 more is ready to play ...

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